As an Executive Assistant I can work professionally and confidentially in any of your departments. Providing experience and skill I can help your business maintain productivity during times of staff shortage.

Friendly, helpful and efficient, I will complete tasks on time, speedily and accurately. Services are charged by the hour so you will only be paying for time worked.

Documents can also be completed in my office and emailed back to you if necessary. Should you have a special report or presentation that needs completing to a deadline just ask and I will deal with it promptly and accurately for you, working evenings and weekends if necessary.

If you need a PA or secretarial work, I can do this either remotely or on site.

Executive Assistant/PA/Secretarial

You may not need a full or even part-time Executive Assistant/PA or Secretary so this is the answer. With modern technology it is easy to email requests and work to be completed. In addition, I can come into the office when necessary for minute-taking and other tasks.


I can produce professional, engaging presentations using PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF or video formats. Having produced numerous presentations for sales, marketing and academic purposes, I can create effective and stunning presentations for your company.


Should you need content writing for your website, blog, newsletters or reports, let me help. I can write effective, engaging copy for your documents. The topic will be researched and I will ensure the content is accurate, valid and appealing to your target audience.


Should you need extensive research for a project or purchase please ask me and I can save your time and money by doing it for you, providing a detailed report and references.


A skill that requires patience, attention to detail, excellent grammar and spelling. If you have written something yourself, it is always wise to have someone else check it for errors.

Research has shown that poor spelling and grammar on a website are widely considered the worst reflection of a company. So contact me now and have your documents proof-read to perfection.

Digital Photography

If stunning images are required for your website or project my professional digital photographer can take these for you.

She can also offer advice and suggestions to ensure the best results.

For image editing or manipulating this can be done to produce effective, interesting photos, digital art, surreal graphics and photography appropriate for every type of business.


Should you need an important event, discussion, forum or even a manuscript transcribing, I have up-to-date digital transcribing equipment. You just need to supply the file, which can even be from a mobile and I can convert it to the right format and then transcribe it for you speedily and accurately.