Additional services I can offer :
  • Article Writing
  • Report writing
  • Creating advertisements (design and copy)
  • Press releases
  • Office Management
  • Purchasing and Negotiating
  • Event Management
  • With years of experience managing business centres, I can provide cover as an Office Manager while you are recruiting.
  • Negotiating the best price is my forte, getting refunds and discounts is me! Let me work on your purchasing and save you money.
  • With experience in writing both journalistic and online articles I can write blogs or copy for your website, brochures or advertisements.
  • Should you need an advertisement creating, I have a background in publishing and advertising and experience in graphic design so can create a stunning visual for your business.
  • If you are launching a new product, I will be happy to create an appropriate press release and other marketing material
  • If you want an important event managing I have the experience and management skills to organise any type of event, large or small. This will include negotiating the best deal with suppliers, sourcing the right venue, catering and sourcing the most appropriate speaker. I can create the delegate list and be there on the day to ensure all goes smoothly.​

All these Services and Executive Assistance are offered on site or remotely